Friday, September 06, 2013

Life on Mars

After arriving from the islands early in the morning to Marsala, we had lots of time to look around before we were able to check in. We strolled about the city centre and the foreshore. It is a nice little city with some great door handles and knobs to be found. I really need to collate my collection of knobs and knockers.....

Main street with young hooligans on bikes

Not sure if it was better in B&W or...


This was an old house where someone must have died or just packed up and left. The door had fallen down some time ago and when you peered in you got an eerie view of what was left behind. Sicily is full of character laden abandoned of for sale properties. Apparently it is the hottest location to purchase a holiday home in Italy now, doing better than Tuscany etc.

This guy didn't get out....

Inside a disused church we found this art exhibition.

Stopped off for a coffee and sandwich

This is where we got the sandwich and coffee, great little place.

one of the old town gates

Sicily is a dessert lovers paradise.

even I wanted to eat these.

Gotta love that jumper

Flower petals for the nights holy procession left at the doors by those who wanted to contribute.

Stopping off for some snacks and great wines

The best way to get Italian into you.
We ate dinner at the amazing Osteria il Gallo e l'innamorata and we can't recommend it highly enough.
Octopus and pollenta.

Baby squid.

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