Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Product review - Lipcowe.

  *Product Review*
Brewery: Jagiełło
Alcohol: 5,2%
Volume: 330ml
Cost: 3.20PLN
Apperance: Crisp clean with a light head foamy head that did hang around a while longer than many lagers.

Aroma: Smells of green almonds and maybe stale urine.
In the mouth: Malty, and hoppy, it isn't big in the mouth, slides off quickly and you are left with a residual sweetness.
Drink with: We ate it with some pulled beef but to be honest, there are plenty of better beers on the market. This brewery make odd things like Chocolate, plum, cherry, and cranberry beers. Lipcowe basically means July beer, it is August now, maybe I should have not drunk it because it was the wrong month.... To be honest, don't drink it. Luckily if you have to, it comes only in 330ml so it is less pain.

Overall: 2/10

Website: http://www.browar-jagiello.pl/index2.html


Marty said...

Nice bubbles!!

Gee Em said...

Thanks Marty, but the beer wasn't so great.... maybe the next one will be!

Tallana Szept Nocy said...

I like to try new kinds of beer so it is good to know that this one is like "taste the waste". :) Try cleaning your tongue with Bierhalle's beer. :D

Gee Em said...

Thanks Tallana, it is always nice to have some recommendations! :D

Tallana Szept Nocy said...

You're welcome.:) Here is link to a website about this place: http://www.bierhalle.pl/ They make their own beer. :)

Gee Em said...

Thanks Tallana, do you have a favourite beer?

Tallana Szept Nocy said...

I like lager beers, but except for Bierhalle beers I don't have any favourite one.:) But I miss Gdańsk's beer Kaper and different kinds of beer from Masuria. :)

Gee Em said...

ok, great. I tend to drink darker beers but will have a look for Kaper and other things from Masuria :D

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