Saturday, March 16, 2013

Product review. Organic Juice

* Product Review*
Ekologiczny sok z kapusty kwaszonej 
(Organic Sour Cabbage Juice)
Brewery: Biofood Pl.
Alcohol: 0%
Volume: 300ml
Cost: 5.50PLN

Looks nice, almost yellow and is of course still, but has a slight thickness to it.

Aroma: Imagine a wet dog, imagine this wet dog is wearing old dirty sweaty socks, imagine this wet dog in old sweaty socks has run through a bog (somehow managing to retain the socks). Therefore, our dog is wet with bog water, stinky sweat and wet dog smell. And you have sour cabbage juice.
In the mouth: To be honest, I struggled to keep this in my mouth at all. I am not a huge fan of cabbage that is pickled, unless maybe in bigos or on a hotdog/sausage but when in liquid form.... it tastes like things I can't begin to describe.
Drink with: Any meal you want to regurgitate rapidly.

I have eaten
Hákarl in Iceland, Piures in Chile, all sorts of bugs in Asia, and I am generally willing to try anything that is served up. This has been said is very healthy for you and great for a hangover, I would volunteer to be designated driver for life if it meant I didn't ever have to drink this again. It is a stale tasting sour abomination.


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