Sunday, March 03, 2013

The Thaw I Saw Was More Than Warsaw.

The thaw has begun. The thaw is actually a distinct season here in Poland where as to an Australian it really isn't something that we know about. It is when all the horrid snow and ice melts away and reveals the grass still there, except, with a covering of dog fertiliser, all the bottles drunks have lobbed into snow drifts and maybe the odd lost mitten. Well, in fact, in Wawa it is already over. The rest of the country is well on its way. Next stop, shorts and white legs into the world. No doubt, with a smattering of socks and sandals! Hoorah for sunshine, hoorah for spring, hoorah for all the great new foods I will eat!

All these photos are from Podlasie


Joy said...

Looking forward to spring too! In about a month, we will be moving to Warsaw from Istanbul. Hopefully, the snow/ice will be gone. ;-)

Gee Em said...

Hey Joy, as of today, I only saw a few very small patches, there was green grass and I am sure soon the buds will be out :D It will be a great time to arrive! Springtime is beautiful here.

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