Wednesday, February 27, 2013

New Years bit

A stroll around the hood on New Years Day.

Waking in Warsaw, hangover free,
I am expecting a day cold and icy.
However, to my grateful surprise,
The day is clear, and I feel energised.
Now to assess my part of the city.

As we had a light night with only a couple of bottles of champagne and a few fingers of whisky it was easy to get up and smile at the face of a new year. I know this year will be great as there were less fireworks than normal the night before, there was a sunny day to greet us and I did exercise on the first day of the year.

The traditional Russian "champagne" leftovers from the night before.

There was only one shop open, it has traditional and regional food and three fridges of regional beers! I think I am in heaven.

Crusty and crunchy the new year appears
People already on the move.
Paths crossing in the stratosphere
Everyone wants to fly away.
Sometimes the easiest way to get away you just need to do it yourself.

The icy paths are everywhere and were great to watch people shuffle along.
Gently gently.
The paths look like this up close.
Staring into the new year.
Many people were out for a walk.
Such a nice day for a walk and to start the year.
many were out for a walk :)
Time to follow the path
It may look like it is into the dark, but the path still leads to something new and bright.
I hope the first 2 months of the new year have treated you well. Let's all be creative, happy and positive so that the year will be great for all around us, which in turn helps us to have a great life.

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