Sunday, February 03, 2013

FUCC'ers Visit

Last year we visited the Europe FUCC's in Sweden, this year it was their chance to visit us here in Poland. We only had a weekend but tried our hardest to get some quality FUCC family time in.

They day they arrived was steamy and the day of a protest march about.... well no one was really sure as everyone had a placard of some description but rarely were they the same message.

There were plenty out on the streets.
And flags a plenty.... well, mostly held by retired folk.
And the cafes were packed with on lookers.
First watering hole was przekaski zakaski part of the Gessler Mafia restaurant corp. I say that tongue in cheek as they are a family that has many restaurants to many members of the family. It is a great place to get some cheap Polish tapas, vodka and beer.

Nice to get a cold beer on a sweaty day.
The Champ is ready for some hot sausage!
and into the old town

the wacky clock.

There is always a token wedding party in old town.
old town square


It's out of focus but I still like it.
And the old band plays on the big screen.

Time for a bad icecream

K is for konfused, right?

Cape Jesus

The waving cat says goodnight.
 N.B. FUCC is not a rude word, it is Flinders University Cricket Club please do not get offended.

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