Monday, February 04, 2013

Lomza Podkapslowe *Product Review*

Lomza Podkapslowe

*Product Review*

Brewery: Lomza
Alcohol: 6.0%
Volume: 330ml
Cost: 3PLN

Apperance: When you roll the bottle you get a nice hazy beer,if not it comes out quite clear according to their marketing.... but I don't see it. It has poor head retention but that isn't an issue for this style of beer.

Aroma: Citrus in the form of yellow grapefruit, jasmine and wheat notes.

In the mouth: Full of hops and yeast in a big explosion of flavour. A nice tartiness to the mid palate and is rather dry across the tongue. There is no real sweetness, which is surprising for a beer of 6%. It has some grassy flavours and also just screams of summery sunshine in your mouth.

Drink with: Great with pizza or burger and fries, goes perfectly with anything salty. So, if you want to be elegant some scallops or even oysters could replace the more "working man" foods.

Overall: When served very cold this is a fabulous beer especially for summer. It has a freshness that is not expected for a 6% beer and is in a nice "stubby" bottle that is easy to hold if you choose to drink from the bottle.



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