Monday, February 18, 2013

Christmas, Chrimbo, Wigilia.

I am obviously a little late.... like only a month or so.... ok, maybe two. But Christmas posts by everyone in the world are now over, so only the lazy are available to give you such pleasures. Enter me!
The drive back in -20C

Plenty of snow in the east, and cat prints.
It looks so clean and crisp
trails in the snow

action man in tracksuit pants. Funnily enough they are called dres in Polish. Not so manly....

Look at the snow fly

slowly making a dent
it must be lunch time, the sun is going down.

night lights

The ol' Chrimbo tree
The day was too much for some.

All Christmasy creative

Don't forget the annual gingerbread house.

The most amazing gingerbread loaf with blackcurrant jam filling! Yum!

The sweet quartet. Gingerbread loaf, and gingerbread house, right is a cheesecake and centre is a plum and pudding cake.
Sorry it was late. Next I am sure New Years will pop up!

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