Thursday, February 07, 2013

Ksiazece Product Review

Ksiazece - Ciemne Lagodne

*Product Review*

Brewery: Piwowarska
Alcohol: 4.1%
Volume: 500ml
Cost: 2.79PLN

Light brown head with good retention and a dark coffee colour better than many dark Polish beers.

Aroma: Oddly enough it is quite light on the aroma, that could be also because I served it very cold and it has such a good head retention. I could get a little raisin from it and the coffee smell of roasted malt and that was about it. But it wasn't over the top with aroma.

In the mouth:
Slightly metallic in the mouth feel, it has some coffee tart to it certainly plenty of malt flavour come through with coffee and a hint of honey. It was enjoyable after that small first hit of flavour. Even now 20 minutes after finishing it still lingers in my mouth in a positive way.

Drink with:
As this is a dark beer that is not too sweet it could be enjoyed with some rich roasted game like wild boar, or duck would be good. You could even try to enjoy it with a heavy rich coffee cake for dessert or maybe some dried fruit and matured cheese.

Quite a good beer, it lasts long in the mouth and gives a well rounded flavour, the slightly strong metallic flavour at first can have its drawbacks, but the long coffee flavours and the slight honey sweetness make it well balanced.

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