Friday, July 03, 2009

Something I thought about a while ago....

Something that popped into my head a little while back, and I wrote down in my little note pad, but never put up here is

The thought of people as building products:

Polish people to me are like Concrete, the are uniform and constant, a little bland, but strong willed. They are highly versatile but have certain environments they function best in.

Australians are like bricks, from afar they all look identical and smaller than other materials, but up close they are all slightly different and always look better in the sun.

The Brits are more like wood, traditional, normally even grained (tempered), but their faults and flaws cannot be hidden and are normally on the surface. They can be refined and elegant when you take time with them, but the majority are untreated and unpolished.

Americans are like glass they are mostly transparent unless mixed with something else, shiny, modern and almost always reflective.

Kiwis are like straw, down to earth, try to be environmentally responsible by blending in, appear nicer in a big bunch and if well bred should be thin, but most have big heads.

Guatemalans (los Chapins) are hard to describe, maybe most are like stone as they have ancient history that goes back a long way, but they can be fashioned into beautiful items that are modern and sleek or stuff rough and tough.

What do you think? I will probably try to come up with some more groups at a later date.... but have a great weekend everyone! It should be a hot one! yay!


Embejo said...

Hey what an interesting idea! I like that Australians are like bricks...looking better in the sun - perfect. Do you really think most Kiwi's have big heads? I'd go so far as to say Aussie have big heads hee hee. (Now that you are living away from home do you ever get cultural cringe when you meet Australians? or watch something Australian on tv? )

Garth said...

Hey Erin,
I get a cringe when ever anyone does something silly, even in movies! But, yes I do feel sad sometimes with the people that travel, but then I just hope that travelling gives them something and makes them more rounded. Kiwi's have big heads, but it is probably more a physical thing! ;)

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