Sunday, March 02, 2014

About Dublin

I have just come back from time back in Australia for a month and I look at the date and think "Ok, so as it is nearly May again!" I really need to pull my finger out and get some photos up. This is finally the rounding off of Dublin from our trip last May.

To make it quicker, there will be minimal chatter, and just mostly the photos. I hope you enjoy

Jameson's distillery.

Anyone for a Dingle berry icecream?

The brilliant and now highly recommended (by me) Avoca Cafe

A picture of a pitcher

The big breakfast
Fish casserole.

Something I have always said, "you can judge a cafe by the quality of their bread and butter". Let's face it, if you are going to give a guest bread, make it reflect your ideals as a restauranteur.

souvenir central

It was a spring trip after all....


Stealing recipes by stealth....

Always love this pose, especially if someone was to climb up and put a coconut in each hand.

Ha'penny bridge

a great vegetarian restaurant
Someone got greedy

Probably the main reason to visit Ireland, right?

Long hall, great pub.

Thanks or the recommendation Soph.

The bar where I met a bunch of crazy Polish girls 9 years ago.

And the sun sets on another Majówka trip.

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