Sunday, September 28, 2014

Wawa bits

Warsaw, how does one describe it? Many people have asked why I live here, when I could live anywhere really on earth. Fact is, it is actually a beautiful place. It is a European capital, so in parts it feels like Berlin or Paris, other times it can feel like downtown Grozny circa 2003. However, that is the beauty. Warsaw is multifaceted, it should be called "the onion" of a city. As, every time you pull off one layer you find another, different, and independent of the previous. Beauty is everywhere, if you get the time in the day to slow your pace, look up, look down, and absorb your surroundings. Here are some varying bits. :)

Early Spring

go godzilla go.
Icecream cake building.

The Vistula at sunset.

Sandy footprint

central night moves

a bank model

The rainbow of love

Tram work.

Windy windows

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