Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Night of the Museums

Every year, across Europe in early May, night of the Museums is on. It is a Saturday night when museums and other points of interest are open to the public free of charge. We have been to the last two or three of them. This year, we decided to visit our neighbour, Mr Donald Tusk, Prime Minister (at the time). So, we braved the line, the rain and the 2 hour wait. We finally got in.

Raining at Bronek's place too

At least inside it was dry and bright

D for Donald, right?

Even tour groups can't escape the torture that is powerpoint.

Looking captivated.....

The first time in a long time wood work on walls and doors has looked good.

Donald and the kids like to have tea parties
But to be honest, they are bloody good looking crockery pieces

You have to love these tables and chairs

Thanks for letting us visit Don, me old mucker, twas a great time.

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