Tuesday, November 11, 2014

2014 The Best Black and White Photos

The concept is easy. Just write in the comments at the bottom which of the photos you like (by number or name). Also, feel free to comment about what you think about them and feel free to vote for as many as you like. For the past four years I have run this competition to see what was the best photo I took during the last 12 months(ish). Partly because I am bad at choosing which are my best and partly because it is nice to know what other people like. It lets me remove my emotions, experience and established connotations from the photos themselves.

It was really hard to narrow it down to the 18 in fact there was meant to be well over 30 but sometimes you have to make hard decisions!! If you have friends you want to share this with, just give them the link. There is a colour photo section as well, and don't forget a random voter will be selected for a prize as well. :) 

I will close votes off on the 21th of November.

#1. Fenced. Penola, South Australia.

#2. Cafe Life, East End Adelaide, South Australia.

#3. Look into my eyes. Art Gallery of South Australia, Adelaide, Australia.

#4. Sweet home Gumeracha. Gumeracha, South Australia.

#5. A penny for your thoughts sir. Gumeracha, South Australia.

#6. Koala creases. Adelaide, South Australia.

#7. A real Adelaide Crow? Adelaide Museum, South Australia.

#8. Lone walker. Sokółka, Podlasia, Poland.

#9. Sneaky Pałac. Warsaw, Poland.

#10. Stairway to Power. Prime Ministers Office. Warsaw, Poland.

#11. Olden bits. Warsaw, Poland.

#12. Billowing bits, Warsaw, Poland.

#13. Harvest hands. Sokółka, Podlasia, Poland.

#14.Filtered rays. Sokółka, Podlasia, Poland.

#15. Night Egg, Łazienki, Warsaw, Poland.

#16. Warsaw Marathon and the cake. Warsaw, Poland.

#17. Sunlife. Warsaw, Poland

#18. Autumn daze. Łazienki, Warsaw, Poland.


Andrew Langdon said...

Garth some good ones there. My top 3 in order... #13 harvest hands, #3 look into my eyes and 3rd #8 lone walker.

Definitely stand out winner is the harvest hands though.

'Cafe life' may have featured higher if the focus was on the short black drinker in the window with a hint of blur on the cafe window sign. Night life notable mention too.

Gee Em said...

Thanks Andy! Don't forget the colour photos as well.

Anonymous said...

Some really great photos on your blog - good inspiration for me to practice! My favourites are #2 (happiness for any wife is also a coffee and a magazine!), #6 (I'm a sucker for macro) and #8 (the lack of population being one of my favourite aspects of living in Poland).

BTW - can you reveal what camera and lens you use? Thanks and I'll follow with interest.


Gee Em said...

Hey Mike, Thanks for the votes. I am using two lenses, a EF 100mm f/2.8L Macro IS USM and a EF 24-105mm f/4L IS USM. The macro is also great for portraits as it can have differing focal depths. :D Both are attached to my Canon 5D MkII. It is a lovely camera, and continues to give me great arm muscles carrying it around. :)

Anonymous said...

ciekawe ujęcie nr 2 zrealizowane w interesujący sposób. Bardzo mi sie podoba. Elzbieta

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the feedback. I am still using an old Canon 20D with good lenses, but time to update I think! The difference in picture quality is clear.

Gee Em said...

Dziękuje bardzo Pani Elżbieta, jesteś bardzo miła.

Mike good lenses make all the difference sometimes. But a big sensor can make somethings easier ;)

melanie said...

#14 is the best. Love that Kind of pix

Gee Em said...

Thanks Melanie, it is a pretty thing. :)