Thursday, December 04, 2014

Łaziekni Gardens at night.

So in Summer, the Łazienki Gardens opened a new Chinese pavillion and garden that was in part donated by the Chinese government and was used to recreate the feeling a previous king had desired as he also had a Chinese garden at one stage.

We just had photos of the gardens in the day, so let's see some on the opening night of the garden. Also, a big thank you to all the mosquitoes for turning out on mass. They really celebrated the night hard. I am sure they had some intense blood hangovers the next morning.

So after all the mosquitoes, there there was a ghoul about! Time to run home!


Joy said...

Wonderful photos as always! I'm kicking myself for not getting to see the displays at night before they took them down! :-(

Gee Em said...

I know, we used to say the same thing about functions and displays in the city, when we lived in the burbs. Luckily living one street from the gardens it makes it a lot easier to see such things :D