Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Picking and plucking

On a day that started with me walking to work in -15.5C weater I thought we really need some sunshine and happiness.

What can you find in the centre of town, that is beautiful and you can enjoy in a gastronomic way?
A little path into some unused land
A girl in sandals and a dress

And some elderflowers just wanting to be picked.

They are full of flavour an scent.

You can also find some beautiful wild flowers.

All of this behind the national library on wasteland in the middle of the city.

Once we get home we strip the flowers.
Then we weigh them out.
wow, all those flowers and only 45 grams.
Next we rim the fresh ripe strawberries
Slice them

Then cook with a little sugar (but not too much)
Once they are cooked through you have an elderflower and strawberry jam. Screaming sunshine!


Joy said...

Lovely way to brighten up this very, very cold day! Are you guys still using your elderflower cordial as well? :-)

Gee Em said...

Hey Joy, well, I was sneaky and froze some earlier in the year to keep it super fresh and zingy. So I have some sitting in the freezer, but haven't taken it out.... I also have a couple of bottles of elderflower "champagne" but I am not sure what they are like as they have been in there for about 6 or 7 months now..... could be "interesting" :D