Saturday, March 14, 2015

Na Wisłę

A recent stroll down the Wisła (Vistula) allowed me to take a few photos, even some of Most Łazienkowski before it was damaged by fire. The riverbank has started to spring to life with remodelling work as well as with the opening of the new second metro line which has a stop near the "Fish with boobs" statue (aka Sawa). I think Spring and Summer will be a great time along the river this year, and maybe the city citizens will slowly take back the water front from the Wisłostrada road which basically severs the riverbank from the world. Here's hoping.

Racoon says hi.

Fish with boobs


Luka said...

When I was living in Warsaw (for 24 years I might add), Vistula was the best place to hang out during weekends. Oh, those fun football matches near Siekierki, those great sunbathes under one of the bridges... Simply awesome. Thank you for that post, I've got a little bit of nostalgic chills after seeing those pictures.

Gee Em said...

Hey Luka, thanks for the comment, it is nice when people get something from my photos. That is all I try to do. Vistula is popular again now, with the renovations of the foreshore and environs. You'd like it now too I think :D