Sunday, April 12, 2015

Służewiec, the horse town in town.

A while ago on a beautiful sunny February day we strolled about the world of horses. Around the Służewiec racecourse there are some really pretty buildings and a completely different world to the rest of Warsaw. Trees, rivers, ponds and of course animals. It is really a nice place to get away from the speed of the daily Warsaw life and to enjoy some sunshine, peace and quiet.


Kozminski University said...

Some international students and myself created a blog about studying here in Warsaw. I loved that your blog has so many wonderful pictures it's the same thing we are trying to achieve as well. thought that you might enjoying taking a look at what we're writing about as well:

Gee Em said...

Hey, Thanks. Your blog is nice, really slick and well made. It is interesting to see some very different opinions on there. Thanks for passing by.