Monday, August 03, 2015

Some recent storms

What is the default topic in most countries and in most situations? The weather. Studies show that this is the most common theme of conversations to break "awkward" silences, so..... recently there has been some up and down weather, it is quite traditional for us to have these summer storms. This is always a danger for many, especially farmers, it can destroy crops quickly.
As you can see, we were spared. Our first riverside tomato was picked and it was delicious. The funny thing was that the woman told me these were cherry tomatoes when I bought the seedling a few months back.... I am guessing her labels need an update.

That said, back to the weather. We have had some really spetactular day time storms, they have been great fun to watch, but are hard to capture on the ol' camera. It is much easier in the evening when fear of over exposure is lower. So I only have one lightning bolt for you, some pretty clouds and sunsets too. Enjoy.

One side of the apartment
And this was the other.

A big ring of clouds, there was earlier a rainbow as well, although I didn't capture it so well as it was still raining at the time.

I do think simplicity is one of the greatest forms of photography.
No editing here, this is actually how it looked!

Pop into Łazienki to see the Chinese pavillion
Then celebrate surviving the storms with a world in a glass.


Joy said...

All you need is a half-full glass! Great pic! :)

Gee Em said...

Haha, indeed. Now I need something to fill it up. 32C today... I might need to rehydrate.

Tom Kay said...

Some really great pictures there and I really like the wine glass one!

Gee Em said...

Thanks Tom! Greatly appreciated, it is amazing how a drop of the good stuff can inspire you :D

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