Sunday, November 08, 2015

Wrap it up Buda.

Time to wrap up our short and hot stay in Budapest. It is a really cool place, all is well priced and there are some great things to see and do.
 Points of note:
- The baths at Lukacs are great they are less crowded than the others as all the tourists go to the other "prettier" ones.  
- The State Opera is a beautiful building the parliament is pretty too.
- Walking alone Kiraly st is really nice, there are lots of cafes and wine bars there. You will also find a great restaurant Bordo not far from Kiraly. 

- In general the Hungarian wine is really good and really cheap. There are lots of different styles and it depends on what you like but you can get it all really cheap everywhere, so try lots of glasses and see what you want to buy for dinner that way. I also recommend the bar/tasting centre Cultivini it is a great place and has fabulous wine to try either as a taster, or by the glass, you simply buy a card there and go around tasting what you want. The guys speak great English and have the best knowledge about Hungarian wines that I found in Budapest. I really recommend visiting them if you want to taste and learn. 
- Some nice pastries are things like Kürtőskalács. Papsapka, I liked Retes the best because they come in so many different flavours

the metro is a retro metro

I do enjoy the architecture

Great Market hall

But to be honest, it is just super touristy and more expensive.

The lovely Cultivini shop/tasting room

at Bardo

"ok now pretend I am not here"

old vs new

dragging behind

instead of the Great Market Hall, if you are looking fo some fresh fabulous produce to make for dinner or just to take back home, maybe try the market at Lehel Ter Metro stop. Quite possibly the ugliest building I have seen but great fresh, cheap produce.

cream with your bun?

so that is the end, time to drag ourselves home once again.


Anonymous said...

Some really lovely photos there. I think I've just added Budapest to my list of places I'd like to visit.

The markets and architecture look very interesting. I especially liked your shot of the apartment building (



PS: I'm revisiting your blog, as I used to read it in and around the time I lived in Poland. Glad to see you're still blogging!

Gee Em said...

Thanks Tom! The apartment was just opposite where we stayed, there really is some fabulous buildings there and I am certainly planning to return to Budapest and Hungary as a whole, well priced and lots to explore. Although the language is a tough one!