Saturday, January 02, 2016

My Dearly Departed

You were totally adorable,
Full of energy and fun.
A feathered friend,
As all the days run.

You came to my life,
Straight of the box.
Jumped out chirping,
Showing me life rocks.

Sat on my head,
Purveyed the world.
You were perfect,
My blue fluffy girl.

Now after 6 years,
Your life is no more.
Leaving us in tears,
Now closing the door.

Our beautiful Ruby,
Now just in our dreams.
No doubt in our memory,
We’ll hear your screeches and screams.

We loved how you'd play,
And your hilarious ways.
Rest now my parrot,
In the longest of our days.

Gone not forgotten,
You were one of a kind.
None will compare,
To that blue bird of mine.

I love you, I miss you. CHIRP!

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