Wednesday, December 06, 2017

Canón do Sil, Galicia, Spain.

I really had no idea what to call this section, so I went with the "Canón de Sil, Galicia, Spain". It is a combination of quite a few places with some driving in between. We were staying in an agrotourismo location just outside Luintra not far from the junction of the Miño and the Sil rivers. The weather is notably different here, with even some fog in the mornings and it was a lot crisper in the evenings. I even needed a jacket and a blanket on the bed at night!

Our host directed us to a couple of interesting places around there area, and here they are. First stop was the breath taking San Pedro De Las Rocas. It isn't a beautiful and intact kind of palatial monastery but in such amazing surroundings. You can only imagine the work it took to build it and how it may have looked when it was in its prime.

Nature never lets anyone rest.
The rule with chestnuts is "Do I need it? Yes- then pick it up. No - then pick it up." They are just too smooth.
Then a short drive a few valleys away.
This is the Parador de Santo Estevo which is a spa, conference location. It was once a functioning monastery then a school which later fell into disrepair and now has been renovated to become a luxury location.
I love this rock work.

I thought it was a black cat that meant death.....
I like it when the church flies the rainbow flag inside.... ok it was just the light through a window.

Each cloister is finished in a different way.

Is that Rapunzel?

Ok let's get out of here and get something to eat!

The statue in the centre of Luintra, just in front of our restaurant Os Corzos which you can order some amazing food if you plan the day before. Like baby goat or suckling pig.

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