Monday, January 25, 2010

who wants tarts?

So still trolling through the old photos, and I came across. One day I wanted to pretend that we were having a cocktail party. Problem is that we thought about it at about 1800 on a Sunday. So we thought small finger food for all! All being just the two of us of course.
We already had the raw ingredients such as basil and feta,
Ham, cheese and some leeks that were quickly sauteed.
So we started applying things these to some quickly prepared dough
Also caramelised some Onions with a dash of chilli.
Sliced and diced till our hearts were content, and also lightly fried in butter some spinach too.
Everything looked fine and dandy.
So with the little things things ready to go in, we quickly egg washed them
Made a couple of small pizza type things with the left over dough.
And there you have it. Party finger food, which was great fun to make, but more importantly,
More fun to eat!
We even had left over pizzas for the next day for Marty to take to work! :)

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