Saturday, January 30, 2010

a little project.

So still working through the world that was 2009 within the photo archives. We went to Sokolka some time before Christmas. I needed to get some pants and some jeans taken up, so it was suggested that we went to the lovely ladies of the railway tracks. Sounds a little scary, right? I thought how quaint this place is and wanted to become a photojournalist to show everyone about it.
Well, from the outside you may think that it was a place you would go to get your car fixed. However, inside..... well, let's see what the pictures tell us.
The scene that greets you as you walk in is one of a bomb site, I thought maybe it had been ransacked before I got there by Belarussian terrorists. But apparently that is normal.
The manager of the shop is displaying one of the little aprons they have made for a school girl to wear during cooking classes.
The world where magic happens. They have quite a lot of facilities here, and they only really employ the older generation. So a lot of work gets done here and gets done quickly and cheaply. To take up two pairs of pants and have the waist taken in in one pair, it cost me 18 PLN (AUD 6.90, EUR 4.40 , USD 6.10, GBP 3.80).
They will press it all for you too.
Sometimes you just never have a piece of paper handy, so why not use the wall?!
I have never heard of a Juki before, but they look strong enough to cope with many a task.
Look at those fingers go! Just a blur of activity here in Poland.
I get the feeling the green is not so popular with the kids these days.
I love the order of things, written on rough papers and random cheap business cards.
Of course, some things in Poland are omnipresent, this photo shows one. Dogs.
A lost Russian soldier from the previous years was here to record reconnaissance.
Not everyone was happy to be part of the photo museum that is my blog, but I hope they are happy with the quality photos I took..... So my first attempt at Polish photojournalism. From the high consistency and amazing photos, it may also well be my last!

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