Sunday, February 07, 2010

The baking never stops....unless you are in London.

The baking never stops unless you are in London and then you chose to ride the Bakerloo line to make you feel better. So last weekend we had a whirlwind trip to London. Caught up with some good friends and also had the chance to throw Marty around some of my old haunts. There will be a post on this.....maybe even today. But first, I wanted to throw up some photos of what I did today while Marta was on the phone to my family in Australia.

Here we find a flock of chocolate biscuits, you will notice these have already paired for life. Any biscuits that did not pair quickly fell prey to predators.
They only ever separate for an application of icing that is made with native mint. Some researchers believe the mint is there for its cooling affect, others simply to be different to the more common and commercial Oreo which uses a vanilla flavouring.
This icing or "Wedding Icing", as it has been dubbed by some, is applied delicately but still with enough force to remain between the two biscuits for the remainder of their lives together.
There are variations in application of the icing depending on availability locally in the icings natural environment known commonly as "The Bowl".
The variety in application from thin to thick, allows the mates to identify each other before pairing again.
Once the male sees that the icing has been applied to the female, it jumps onto its mate.
Here is a scene where one pair has prepared for the voyage of life, whilst other pairs await the turn in the process.
Here we have another pair, embraced and tightly bonded till the end of time.
This is a group of biscuits and when paired and plastered together, as we see here, they are known as a "tin of biscuits".
They huddle together hoping that strength in numbers will protect them from predators.
Unfortunately for this pair, they have been grabbed by their major threat. Here is a most commong predator of the paired biscuit, it is a creature known as a Marta. First, the Marta smells to ensure this pair is not an Oreo, which is imported to the biscuits' native Poland and sometimes to the Marta, it can appear stale or unsuitable to consume.
After smelling, the Marta prepares to consume this selected biscuit pair by licking the protruding lips.
The Marta sinks its front teeth into the pairing stoping the pairing escaping.
Then to finish off the paired biscuit a solid portion is removed from the crispy and taut exterior so that the Marta can enjoy the smooth minty white plaster inside. It is the cycle of life here in Poland, some see it as cruel, but there are many predators of the biscuit, some are not as fussy as a Marta. Which prefers a locally made biscuit as opposed to ones that are found in locations such as "shops".

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