Saturday, February 20, 2010

More of my new found Wintery Paradise

Time for a post, no?
So everyone complains about the weather. Everywhere in the world. If you are talking small talk, then weather is the topic. Whenever I ask my students "What is new?" They always go for the weather as their escape measure. Here in Warsaw, it is no different to England. People hate their climate. That said, when it is -30C, you can understand what they mean. It can limit your movement, even if you have a car. Many cars just get stuck in snow or ice, and especially people with Diesel cars just can't get them started on days that are this cold.

So, on one of these bitterly cold Sundays, I convinced Marty we should tour the neighbourhood I like to call "Land of the frozen dog poo" and Warsavians call "Stary Imielin". She reluctantly agreed as long as I promised to put her toes on my growing belly to warm them when we returned home.

It was -28C according to my best internet source, however, I didn't inform Marty that I already knew this was the temperature, and I pointed out to her that it was sunny, so it must be warmer than it had been during the week. And what a week it had been. A week which had seen some horrifically extreme temperatures, along with dogs stuck to the poles they were sprinkling with pee, grannies cryogenically frozen when they got stuck to their favourite park benches, and small children being confused for traffic cones due to their bright jackets and their parents overprotective and extremely zealous layering policy. A policy that created a creature that could not move via its own steam or free will.

So as our front gate guard laughed at two people out with cameras, while he made another hot cocoa with suspicious vigour, we attacked the world outside.
So many tiny four footed friends walk down our street.
It appears rarely on the footpath.
What on earth is this?
Oh a leaking fence.
Even snowmen look sad behind bars. If there were more of them, I would have thought it was a snowman zoo.
Let the icicles begin!
There will be a few no doubt.
Oh no a bear! Oh sorry a granny.
The weird combo of heating and ice together.
So it is better in black and white
or colour?
Sometimes, when the sun melts the ice, you just get a lucky photo.
Ahhh the simplicity of colours. A snow covered roof and the chimney launch into the sky.
The front of Marty's favourite Pulawska house.
Some random snow trails.
Gotta love the shadow patterns of fences on the snow.
Just looked nice and shiny.
When snow attacks a tree trunk. Could almost be an aerial shot.
As I said..... more icicles.
Simple, wall, snow, sky.
Some run away trails.
So now we test you animal track knowledge. Who/What makes these tracks?
Of course it is Mr Pheasant.
And then we come home to giant snowflakes! Ok they are paper cutouts on our balcony door but they do make lovely shadows.

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