Saturday, February 27, 2010

House move over, time for a post

Ok, well, we have recently finished our big move to another house, a really pretty apartment with what looks like a delightful kitchen. I say looks like, as I haven't had the chance to give it a good trial run yet. I expect that to be this weekend when I have some more free time to trial things. So now I am just going to throw up some diverse things that I have photographed! Let's start all arty in Black and White and finish with some colour explosion.

A Christmas present from Santa Klaus was nice especially in the 200 year celebration of Freddy Chopper Chopin himself. I dunked this outside, if you remember my earlier pics. it was when I made a very poor snowman!
I don't know why I swallowed the rye, I guess I'll die.
I drink to you, Fredward.
This is what happens when you forget to tell an Australian that in January it is Winter in the northern hemisphere!
This is the story of Marty's life now, she is to be always surrounded by food and associated components to food. This is the horrible "Stalking Fork"!
This is where the menace rests and recharges in the sun, as he is certainly cold blooded.
Really it is simply an open and shut case.
Ok, as things are moving to the beautiful brightness of Spring.... ahhh sunshine (stay away snow!) I think we should see what colour can do to the soul.

After living in Guatemala, where I had eggs every night for dinner for a year, I didn't eat eggs for just over 12 months on my return to Australia. Now, I am onto eggs in a big way. I adore them. Eating these free range eggs from Sokolka reminds me of living in Tasmania with two of the world's great people Russ and Mel Timsar. We had the coolest chickens that gave us plenty of oval shaped food.
If you can get your chickens to lay happy eggs that are filled with bright sunshine pulsing yolks, you are certainly a winner in my book.
To me a good runny egg is about as simple as great bread. Even better if you can combine the two!
So for all of you with a backyard, why not throw out a little chicken run, feed them your scraps, cut down your environmental waste and get some free eggs! Also for more info on some great self sufficiency check out they have great ideas and, boy oh boy, I can't wait till one day I have a little bit of space of my own!

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