Tuesday, February 09, 2010

London.... arvo session

So after Portobello Markets, I took Marty over to Spitalfields Markets, just near Liverpool Street station. It is a really lovely market, and before arriving at this classy location, I took her through the, not as lovely, Petticoat Lane Market. She wasn't quite as impressed as when we arrived at Spittalfields, where she could observe and enjoy the world that is "alternative" marketing in London. I think Spitalfields has a really lovely feeling to it, and is also full of fun things to see, diverse people to stare at, and innumerable coffee places to refuel at. We strolled and looked at the random stalls. I love how next to a pig on a spit, you have a stall selling hats, or one with haikus written in calligraphy. That is what inner city markets should be all about. Unless it is purely about mouthwatering, jaw dropping, nose tingling foodstuffs.... they are my favourites.
I am sure there is a hidden message in here.....somewhere....
He was all hats and trousers.
I put my hat in the ring.
This portrait is very lifelike and only one pound!!
I think these are old Milk cans, or maybe film cans, or......
We lost the M to finish the sign. But she is indeed like an artform.
I swear this is a zebra's arse.
Which country is London in again?
So onto my tradition of markets being the food. However, I didn't take many as I was actually not hungry, can you believe it?! Don't you love that little Asian girl in the corner?
So this makes me think of being back home and going to a Greek party. Gotta love an animal on a spit!
This was when Marty was trying out her new dentures.
Ahhhhh pretty.
The Leadenhall Markets are slap bang in the financial district and, alas, only open during the week. But it is a beautiful construction to stroll through with the sunlight streaming in to greet you.
I think they have won me over!
Surely they don't serve animals here! Or Alan Lamb for that matter!
1881, nice year for buildings that.
From the old to the new, in a similar style to the Gherkin in the finance district and reputedly Europe's most expense office space, we cross the brown tidal ooze named the Thames via the Tower Bridge and find what we have called the Cabbage to give London an even more Polish feel Ogoreks and Kapusta.... could there be more traditional Polish fare? Anyway, this is the Olympic building trying to sneak a kiss from its neigbour.
And to wrap up our cultural tour of London and architecture we hit Big Ben, and Westminster with some ominous clouds. After this tour we headed out to dinner with Pilk and Beebs, Jase and Ewa to Putney, a good time was had by all. Then, back to Earls Court for a lovely few pints of Discovery. If you want to find out where we walked there is an attached map below. Sunday night, with Marty rubbing her feet almost dead from the knee down, she asked sweetly "How far was do you think our tour was today?". "Oh, only 5 or 6km", I replied with a grin. If you want to know how far away my guestimate was chek the map below.


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