Tuesday, March 09, 2010


On the road again, do do do do do do, just can't wait to get on the road again.

Ok, so off we go to Sokolka. Of course, we ducked out as early as possible on the Friday. All so that we still experienced some sunshine when we were on the move, oh and to beat the traffic too. We were heading back for little Pawciu's birthday, but alas, it is the northern hemisphere so still winter time. February was still very snowy, so sometimes it was slow going.

On the drive up to Sokolka we stopped in Bialystok to get some essentials, i.e. alcohol, flowers and chocolates. It was pretty darned chilly outside so we rushed back to the car and jumped in to get the remaining hour over and done with ASAP. The road had not been cleared though as it was still snowing and had been for hours. So the going was slow. We eventually made it there with no light remaining at all. Getting out of the car I realised I had gotten into it previously somehow without my wallet. I miraculously had left this in Bialystok! On the ground next to the Carrefour supermarket. Thanks pockets, a lot of good you did me!

Thankfully, a fabulous person found it and called my healthcare provider who called me to tell me she had it. What a relief. So the next morning back into the car for a quick trip to Bialystok, I was sitting in the back and Marty and Stani in the front. I didn't have a book to read or a computer to play computer games on, so I sat staring out the window, watching the world zoom by, or sometimes stare back at me when traffic got heavy.

I had the camera next to me and thought, hey lets be all experimental like scientists are meant to. Let's try and take some slightly slow speed photos, so I had a little play with things and came up with the below. This is about as creative as I can get. Hope you like them as much as I do.
Snow and pines, it sums up the normal drive to Sokolka.
I like how somehow the trees glimpse through.
So when we got back to Sokolka, we needed to pick up the cake for Pawciu. So we stopped at a local cake professional (aka old lady who bakes at home and decorates them all pretty like). While waiting for the chit chat, money-cake exchange to take place, I got out and poked around. I saw a really great old window in the barn next to the house and loved that it didn't make sense.
I mean honestly, cactus, in -20C?! Ahhh the world is amazing sometimes.So with cake in hand, or more to say cake in Marta's lap, we headed to the house. As Pawciu was away studying, we decided to attack the lawn.... well I say lawn but I mean half a metre of snow outside. You can see it covered this sled in half an hour from when it was last used. Yes there was a lot of snow and it had fallen fast. However, now it had stopped and the day looked a little clearer.
We needed to make a trail to the dog house and barn about 50m from the back of the house. So first things first we would need to be appropriately attired. As you can imagine we brought with us our city slicker clothes. We didn't have things warm enough and flexible enough for playing in the snow. So we ducked into the changing booth and came out transferred as simple small town yokals. Don't we look a magnificent couple.... couple of what I am not sure.
Certainly elegant..... we aren't.
They even made a sign to indicate a popular past time in this part of the world. Shovelling snow! Kids here don't need a play station, wii or that fancy internet thing! Hours of fun to be had outside.So hi ho, hi ho, it is off to work the kiddies go.
Ok one metre done now. Is it time for a rest yet?
Ok so two hours later and we have done all the way to the barn, the dog house and also cleaned out the inside of the dogs play area as it was about a metre deep in snow thanks to some sliding off the roof. So even though it was cold I was sweating up a treat. Thinking it would be a good way to cool down by lounging around in the snow.How amazing, just from lying in the snow to cool down a strange angel type shape appeared! What on earth could it mean?Anyway, the snow got moved and then the weather man decided check our resolve and let it snow for the next 24 hours or so! Hence, resolve broken. So after working so hard in the white white fields we would need some form of high energy food. What is a better idea than Birthday Cake?!
At least Pawciu looks happy about it!
Light them candles.
Burn them strong.
Ring around and sing.
Cut it and make a wish.
Great success. Pawciu is a year older, drinking a champagne and eating a hearty cake. Seems like a good start to a new year to me.
Alas, for some. All this hard work, champagne and cake was too much. Not sure why the cat was resting. All it does is lick itself and bite feet. Maybe that really is the hardest work of all.

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