Saturday, March 13, 2010

Sunday Feasting

Ok, since moving house, we have been lucky enough to move about 100m from a really pleasant open air market which is open every Saturday. So we strolled down there last week to see what goodies we could dig up.

The market has pretty much anything you could need, from furniture, to baby clothes, kitchen utensils and, of course, the most important things to Marty, fresh flowers. However, something they also have of great importance is food.

They have really well priced vegetables, fresh, frozen, dry and cured meats and fish, cheese, breads, cakes. Let's face it, almost anything and everything my little heart can desire. So we were strolling around, slowly filling our bag full of goodies and then came across a sign saying "Mamy Gęś" and "Gęś 16PLN/kg ".

Well thanks to one of my Friday classes I knew exactly what this was, it is saying the shop has Goose at a mere 16 Zloty's a Kilo!! Bargain!

I have had many birds, pheasant, pigeon, duck, turkey, chicken, quail but never goose. So we waited outside the tiny little brown wooden box they called a meat shop. Waiting and waiting for the queue of dithering grannies to dilute enough for us to squeeze in. We asked how big their smallest goose was and, at 4.5kg, we decided on just a breast, which was nearly 2kg in weight alone!
So I parted the skin and the meat and stuffed in some cranberry sauce, hoping the acid nature of it will break up the fat as much as possible. And we are off.....
For our starters and Entree we had french cheeses on dry savoury biscuits and prawn jumbo (I have no idea what prawn jumbo is, I just made up the name as it was prawns with vegetables cooked in a light garlic sauce).
I haven't had a good stinky cheese in a while, so when we could get some ripe ripe brie I jumped at the chance. Delicious with the aforementioned cranberry sauce.
Even the blue cheese wanted a taste or maybe it felt the Spring in the air.....
So after about 35 minutes at 200C, dripping and draining away its golden goodness, it was ready and awaiting my very blunt kitchen knives to attack it.
I have a huge weakness for crunchy animal skins! Goose, did not disappoint! Although a little fattier than duck, it still tasted fabulous.
Another added advantage of cooking goose is that you get some great fat to cook potatoes in at a later date! This one is pre-seasoned with pepper! :)
So at the end of the day, we had a great and delicious goose breast, lightly pink in the middle and sweet like duck but heavy like beef. It was magical. Marty, on the other hand, said it was nice, but declined some extra servings and never wanted any follow up in leftovers form..... All the more for me!

So anyone thinking that Goose is Gross. Think again. It is delicious and I just wonder where I could find it in Australia.....

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