Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Kolo again, oh we enjoy a hunt

There are many things I love about Warsaw, there are the donuts, the funny street names, the bridges, the Palace of Culture, the girls and their fashions, the history, the nooks, the crannies and of course the grannies. But, one of my favourite things is Koło markets. It is as close as I will ever get to being a treasure hunter. I also think it brings back huge memories of my grandfather who would go to an open air market called 'trash & treasure' every Sunday without fail in Adelaide.

I love this for these reasons, also because it gives me a hint of the old world of Warsaw. The things that I can't really experience due to not having old family here in Poland along with the fact that I get to hear beautifully constructed stories from Marta. We get to haggle and bargain over so many things, sometimes walking away happy sometimes empty handed, sometimes a combination of both.
Hark! What is that? A bargain I see before me?
Nope, just another Stalin surrounded by a bronzed Elk and Byzantine styled Jesus.
Or maybe with all my wind I could use it in a more functional way?
Better yet why not some old farm tools? That is always on demand! At this stand they even had an original 19th Century hand made for the hand by the hand, harpoon!
Nah at the end of it I will just follow like normal to the things that shine the brightest!


Erin said...

Didn't you play brass at school? Trumpet? You'd probably do well with that horn...

Garth said...

No Erin, alas I was completely handicapped when it came to music. I instead focused on sport. :) It was easier and I didn't have to wear a tie and blazer ;)

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