Monday, May 24, 2010

What else did we see in Adelaide?

In Adelaide, during summer, let's face it, you get very little rain. So we were surprised when we got a real down pour which reminded me of my time living in Darwin 10 years ago. Yes, it was the beginning of Autumn, when more rain is expected, but we also didn't really expect it to be that strong. This kind of put a dampener on things, all be it briefly.

Something that I love about Adelaide is that even though we are a relavitely poor state, due to our huge size and sparse population (almost all of which is stuck along the coast), we still manage to create and be inspired easily. We produce many great artists whether it be painters, singers, or most other forms of art. We have some really different initiatives and well there are lots of things I would like to do as well to contribute to this, alas being overseas I will content myself in singing the praises of plucky little Adelaide.

Ok, then I am silly I haven't really told you about the great Southern City, a quick run down, no? Adelaide is:
-Surrounded by 1km of parklands
-The only Capital in Australia settled without convicts (aka free settlers)
-The home of many colonial style buildings
-Where you get old and new combining
-The capital of wine in Australia, like D'Arenberg
-Ok, the home of lots of great wines
-Right slap bang on a beautiful coastline
-In a Meditteraenean climate
-The Arts Centre of Australia
-Largely multicultural
-Home of great food and produce
-Diverse in plantlife
-Proud of their sporting abilities past and present
-Quirky, like these things at the Urban Cow Studio
-A little different, but in a nice way
-Some would just say "Heaps Good"
And a bloody long way from anywhere you know!


Anonymous said...

Great pictures! great memories ! I wish I could come back one day!
see ya melanie

Garth said...

Thanks Melanie! Yeah it is a great place to visit I think it is great that it gets overlooked by most tourists that come over who just hit Sydney and the head North from there. :)

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