Friday, June 04, 2010

Final Adelaide edition then back to WAWA

Ok ok!!
I really think that it is time that I wrap up our Aussie Odyssey! It was afterall a mere 2 months ago, and I really should get back to the life we are leading in Warsaw and the great fun we are having with storms at the moment.

Hence forth! And away we go.

So in Adelaide we were lucky enough to catch the last night of the Northern Lights. It truly is a lovely event and I am very impressed by it. The crowd there loved it!

All of this is being watched over by Dougie Mawson, kind of a geoglogical hero to me. NERD! I hear you scream, but he was pretty darned cool, not so much for his rock work, but his sense of adventure.

The Northern Lights is part of the Adelaide Festival of Arts, I feel it certainly is a concept that lends itself well to the weather that Adelaide celebrates at that time of the year, and the nice backdrops that Adelaide's North Terrace buildings make. We ducked in to the city in between other events and had time to run around and take some photos, as the last night was expected to have a huge downpour. It started to spit and as my camera was still only in its swaddling clothes we ran back to the car, just in time before the rain hit down briefly.

We also had chances to drift around to some friends and family. Which was nice too, sometimes it felt like a mini storm running through our life other times a bright blue sky popped out to remind us although we can't do it all, we should enjoy the time we have.

While in Adelaide, I never got around to seeing a half of the people I had expected I would be able to. This when I even had a car! We get to spend time with some;
and some, now sadly, no longer with us RIP Catty the Catfish aka Mitchell aka Tandanus Tandanus

It certainly makes you think of how important time is, in review you never seem to get enough of it. Which kind of makes me ponder, if my hours playing football manager and other assorted computer games were time well spent in the past..... maybe they taught me fiscal management, maybe they improved my town planning abilities or my negotiation skills. But let's face it, they never got me to be more social, or to see wonderous things!

Sorry to all that I/we missed seeing last time and I promise to catch up with you all on the return leg. Which may be the end of this year if we can make it, I guess we will see if those computer games ever taught me how to save money for such things.

Most of all Thanks Adelaide for:
letting us walk through your parks
meet your locals
and live the fine (high) life with your great foods and lifestyle.

Of course we were sad to leave,
But with our passports primed,
Our travel shoes raring to go, we can prepare ourselves for other voyages and adventures.
As the warming Australian sun sets on this trip (and post thread) our little lives continues on. Lets see what Warsaw, Prague and Europe have to offer us.


Erin said...

Lovely post. I've never seen the Northern Lights! :( But I do love the North Tce buildings. Miss Adelaide.

Garth said...

Yeah Erin, I agree, it is something that sadly Auckland lacks, Quality buildings. It is a nice city but doesn't have the historical feel that Adelaide does in the centre. You should catch the lights next year the kids would love it!

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