Sunday, July 25, 2010

Golden terraces or shiny lumpy bits?

In the middle of Warsaw there is the Palace of Kulture and Science. It is certainly easy to find, as it is the tallest building in Warsaw. Just next to this monster of Russian Architecture is Zlote Tarasy which is a shopping centre. "Oh how exciting!" I hear you say sarcastically. Yes, Poland, and specifically Warsaw, has many many such centres. The big difference here is the architecture is actually magnificent and a pleasure to observe.

I really love this place, not so much to be inside, but to look at. It makes me feel a little like being in a fancy museum, futuristic world or some lunarscape. Maybe this shopping precinct is why Science Fiction is so popular in Poland....

It is interesting in the reflections that it brings too, as having multiple panes allows the distortion of figures around it. Unfortunately, many people think the problem with these panes is that even they can't make the Palace of Kulture and the Warszawa Centralna (Central Train Station) look attractive.

Where as for me it brings memories of the Sydney Opera House... Can you see it? Or am I just going nuts?

Overall, I really enjoy the random light that it casts in different ways at differing angles to make people seem slightly more tolerable.

I like how it can loom over the place, looking like an avalanche or maybe a glacier poking its head between the buildings.

Either way, I think that more buildings should be designed to look like other things. You need to set office workers minds into creative spins somehow. Let's face it making them wear suits and sensible clothes won't help!

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