Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Poland, as a whole and of course this is only my opinion, is a very conservative country. It is what I would call a Catholic state, much the way Islamic states are. Law, Education and Government are all influenced by the church. It is not really for me to judge, but I think if they were to tax the church as a business and allow donations to be taxed and claimed as in giving to charity it would benefit this country a huge amount. The money tied up in the church is insane. The size of churches in the most expensive towns just makes me wonder how better the money could be spent. Ok, Ok I refuse to rant.

So onto the great topic of Europride. Which is an annual street parade to educate people about Liberty, Equality and Tolerance in relation to Homosexuals. That said, to me it isn't just about that, it is really about breaking some barriers for people who are different in some way, obvious or not. Poland had been a closed society for such a long time during the Communistic period. This has created a society which is hardly diverse. An Asian person, Black skinned individual or even an Australian in a funny hat will get stared at regularly. I don't mean in an aggressive way, but in a sense of wonder and difference, and sometimes a lack of understanding. There are members of parliament, religions and other areas which are quite xenophobic, mostly just through education and lack of exposure. Of course this stems from the lack of immigration and lack of travel for the residents for a period of 50 or so years.

Anyway enough of that seriousness, time for some fun photos!
No matter how little you wear, and how many Police are there, you need to keep up on the news.
Certainly a great colourful affair.
You gotta love dancing in a Sprinkler, if I didn't have my camera I would have relived my childhood in there!
There was plenty of big hand movements everywhere.
Then again there was lots of noise too and action.
Then you get some great get ups, I really hope these were registered as weapons!
A hint of Michael Jackson!
I think this street sign said it all to me, some go straight but not everyone needs to.
At first I thought this was the Lambada float. But, alas, no cheesey dance routines.
Grannies and scooby doo, certainly different observers were about.
It is all about Pace, I mean Peace.
As I said, PEACE.
You have to love a granny in a silk robe, hairnet and sunglasses.
Of course Lady Gaga made an appearance.
At least this is a queen with the Australian green and gold to heart.
While some felt out of water I think most people who ventured to the parade, gay, lesbian or straight they all had a good time. The positive feeling in the air was great, everyone was smiling huge smiles dancing to their own beat, or even the YMCA that was on repeat from one of the floats. Either way, we had a great time even though it was about 40C!


Jason said...

lol, nice to see you've finally come out Garth - hope Marta's coping ok with the revelation ;-)

Garth said...

mate, came out, walked about, then went back in. Hope all is well with the Russian revolution!

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