Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Litva Festival and drifting about

One of my students, the wonderful Jolita being of the Lithuanian minority of NE Poland, told me about a Lithuanian Festival that was to happen in the old town square last weekend. So, I motivated the MMMM to get out of the house through the talk of food and liquid bribes, and we were away. It was a patchy day with cloud and sun, but when in the sun it was really delightful. So we strolled down from Ratusz to the old town. Passing through the old city walls on the way.
The bright sunshine cast glorious shadows.
And allowed a beautiful blue sky to display itself like a proud peacock.
There were people talking about it and even writing up about the day and this one, well she says that she "cordially invites us!"
Then it was on your bikes and off to the festival.
There was all sorts of things Lithuanian such as painted eggs for Easter.
Small knotted rolls I think they are called Riestainis.
Also much larger sour dough rye bread rounds.There were piles of sausages whole and smoked and then grilled ribs.
Then there was some fried onions with what appeared to be bacon.
And fried sausages too.The sausages can on some of the sour dough rye bread that was topped with sour cream and pickled cucumbers.
There were also little sweets made to look like mushrooms and strawberries and some really odd green things.
There was the usual accessories which I am sure my sister would have bought had she been there.
There was also an amazing fish headed man selling his smoked brethren. All looks enticing... no? So what would be next on such a fine sunny day?

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