Tuesday, March 08, 2011

The New Warsaw Slogan Begins

Ok, so lets get a listing! What the plan is, is to have the slogan and the photo of their author together. Here goes. On the left hand side of this page there is a voting poll. Please vote for the one that you like the most, it doesn't have to be the perfect slogan, just the one you like the best. As the winning author stands to win a prize! Of course, some were serious about it and really wanted to create something really representative of their city, some don't even like living in Warsaw so found it hard, and some were just in it for laughs, like:
Come to Warsaw, your car is already here.
Warsaw: Expect the worst, prepare for the rest.
Warsaw: Positive problems, negative solutions.

Without further delay, here are the authors in alphabetical order:

Aga - Warsaw: To a different rythmn

Anna - Success, adventure, friendship, love, fun, culture
All these experiences & much more you'll find in Warsaw.The center of Poland, Europe, the World

Arkadiusz - Warsaw, it's the best for you
Daniel - Warsaw, where East ends and West begins
Dariusz - Warsaw, where the past goes to the future.
David - Warsaw: Where you can dream.
Diana - There's no place like Warsaw.
Ela - Warsaw, Sweet Warsaw
Grzegorz - Warsaw: It's like a box of chocolates, you never know what you'll get.

Grzegorz N - Warsaw, it's great! I lived there and can still write this.

Izabella - Warsaw, the city which changes every day

Jarek - So old, so modern.

Joanna - Warsaw, a reborn city

Jola - Warsaw, a changed city

Justyna - Warsaw is my place, the place of my life.

Kasia Ł - Warsaw: Experience the colours

Kasia J- Warsaw is liked. Why? Come and check.
Maciej - Warsaw: Be Impressed
Marcin - Warsaw: The heart of Eastern Europe.
Marek - Warsaw: Past & Future, Here & Now.
Marta - Warsaw: a city with the most wonderful extremes
Michal - Warsaw like(s) people, people like you
Ola - Warsaw: The changing city
Ola R- Warsaw: FUN 4 everyone.

Radek - Grow with Warsaw, Develop with Warsaw.

Tomek B - Love the world, love Warsaw

Tomek K - Warsaw: Modern & Proud

Tomek P - Warsaw: all for the money.

Tymek - Warsaw: Experience true emotions

Wiktor (yes, the moose antlers were planned) - Warsaw: Home of Western Europe's cheapest alcohol.

Weronika -
Zuzanna - Warsaw: Inspire me now
So there you have it! Please vote here on the left! Do it. Get your friends to vote too!


Paddy said...

Great idea!

Gee Em said...

Thanks Paddy. The guys are all really talented and learning to apply their language in a new and constructive way is really fun. I think anyway. I hope they do too!!

Paddy said...

My vote "Tomek B - Love the world, love Warsaw" doesn't seem to be there, or am I being dippy?

Gee Em said...

ahhhh crap! I shall add your vote for that one in. Damn it, I was never great at attention to detail.

Gee Em said...

ok, all corrected now. Please vote away.

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