Saturday, April 14, 2012

Lazy days

Hi all, sorry for not posting for a while, I have just been in a really hopelessly lazy mood of late and as such have not achieved a great deal at all. The weather is getting better, we had Easter and I have been working on finishing a story I started writing two years ago and really now only needs editing but I just haven't done it. So, over all, I have been a bum. I thought I should include some photos now to distract you from my laziness. Hope you are all having a great Orthodox Easter weekend!

The photos are completely not linked, with the exception of me taking them and me taking them on my crappy old school mobile, no fancy technology for me.

Grannies loving a bargain on underpants at the local supermarket, is it a granary?

Early morning work can look great with the softness of haze and sun

Early mornings let you see sunrise, although from trams

Sometimes I wished I got up earlier to take more photos with sunrise on the Wisla, this though, will have to do for now.

Just to prove you can buy Australian wine in the East 9PLN ($AUD2.72) white wine you couldn't buy the materials for that

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