Sunday, April 22, 2012

Polish Wedding

One of the biggest things on the Polish calendar is the wedding season, which is only just around the corner now. Last year I got my first taste of a Polish wedding (other than mine of course). We popped along to see a friend of Marty's tying the knot in one of the cities more popular churches on Plac Zbawiciela. We were running late as we had forgotten the metro would be closed for the day at the stop we needed to get off and so had to walk from the one before it. So, instead of barging in we hung around at the door. It was an amazingly warm day and the cool breeze flowing from the church was a nice refreshment. Standing outside let us see what the Polish wedding season is like. There was a wedding party taking photos from the last wedding that had just been there, there was of course the wedding in progress and then there was the people gathering for the next wedding. It didn't really seem to have an end to it. Seems like a great business if you can get into it, tax free and always in need.

Angels about inside
It is a pretty plac. Worth skipping around while you wait for the next wedding.

The bride and groom walk a red carpet.

The church stands out a fair bit being white

A pillar of the community

No this isn't our bride and groom, just the ones from the previous wedding getting the pics done on a tram line....romantic.

Just to show you the magic of photography, and tram wires.

A really nice difference of cut out hearts instead of rice, confetti, salt, whatever you want to throw.

Legs and shoes, and hearts and tattoos.

Ready girls.

Handfuls of petals

Make you giggle


Ready to attack
Enjoying the rain of petals

Is it the 1960's? No, just time for a sensible tie and a short sleeved shirt.

Telling tales
Kisses and colours

Fashion gurus are abound.

celebratory beers


Tom Otomcio said...

I love Polish weddings. So much more food, dancing and fun than English weddings.

Unique Weddings said...

This wedding style looks so great. I wanna have this kind of wedding too.

Gee Em said...

Yeah Tom, they certainly are a different thing to the Anglo style.

Thanks Unique weddings.... I think. Or are you spam? :D

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