Friday, December 14, 2012

Pole Mokotowskie how it was....

Sun is great. Leaves are great. Colours are best when vivid. Nature is amazing especially in the city. Walking something everyone should do. So why not combine all of these?
Lets walk!
Late autumn and its low sun give some great shadows.

Leaves and legs

I believe fashion type peoples call this "A pop of colour"
Enough of these buildings and roads and things, let us stroll now through Pole Mokotowskie. The airfield cum park and lungs of Mokotow.
Sun comes in to show you the colours.

My camera does video too, so let's pretend I am a film maker, imagine some delicate orchestral music with these videos.

Mr Tree having a good old laugh

The colours of Autumn

Hi Mr Tree, what is that? You are cold?
You seem a little sad,

Have a scarf! It seems to work!

I should head that way? ok then.

Memories of our meeting with Mr Tree

Time to hit the trails.


Agnieszka Stasiewska said...

I love Autumn in Warsaw! Great photos, as usual :) have a great weekend

Gee Em said...

Thanks Aga. I am trying to think about what I can do for your blog :D

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