Saturday, December 29, 2012

What has....

I riddle you this; What has:
- 300 posts
- over 1000 photographs
- 44 months of history
- nearly 33000 page views
- 26 lowly followers
- and a balding Australian author?

Yes, it is this blog! It has been 300 posts as of this one. That is quite amazing, as some people think I have no attention span at all, and get bored easily. Obviously not.

Thank you to all who have read, commented, and the 26 lovely people who follow me. You are a very select few! I don't quite know how to celebrate this occasion at all. There are many things to say, many things to show you, but what I will do is share with you a few little photos.

Just some of Warsaw in the festive period. I hope you are all safe, well and have a fabulous and safe NYE. I look forward to hearing from you all in the new year. In the next posts we will have a bread festival, book reviews, Rome, and who knows what else?! Stay safe, drink water not just champagne, and smile into the face of the new year.


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