Saturday, January 05, 2013

Bread festival - 100% not gluten free

Everyone seems to love a festival. this time we went to a bread festival. Yes, the world of wheat was thrust upon us in loaf, slice, bun, and all manner of forms.

I love that there was a bread festival, the reason I was so happy and impressed was because ever since I moved to Poland people were telling me how great Polish bread is. People who had travelled or lived in places like England and the US had found life tough because the bread was of poor quality. When I first came to Warsaw, I still found the bread was really not so great, but of course, I was buying it in a supermarket.

Once I started to go to little smaller bakeries, the quality of bread grew along with the variety as well. The best bread to eat in Poland really is the rye breads, and these are the breads which most people prefer, and refer to as the bread they miss. Yet, funnily enough many people here still buy by price rather than taste. As such, the bread quality, according to connoisseurs here has continued to drop as the larger factory bakeries take over and continue to put more additives into the bread. After reading about this, I decided to start to make my own bread, and now very rarely will eat anything else.

That said, the fact that they are even celebrating a bread festival shows you how important it is to this country. Bring on the bread.

Some traditional fare.

Sekac is a popular and quite expensive cake.

As you can see even the smallest one is 44PLN ($AUD13.50, £8.80, $US14.15)

Look they are even holding wheat!

Of course bread needs condiments

Some of the rye breads. Not the darkest but the most common and popular.

Bread mermaids, clocks, you name it they'll make it.
Some smoked cheese for your bread maybe.

The mullets love it.

Bread isn't part of the food pyramid, it IS the food pyramid.

Chocolate or apple Grandma... ;)

Sweet breads.

Bright traditional colours.

What is this?! A competitor to the bread world? Yes, Poland's other love.

Sour dough breads.

Now something completely not heard of in Australia, as far as I know, bread drinks. The first one L-R is juniper berry, then young beer, Hops, and sour bread
The hops based bread drink was really tasty, like a really fizzy light beer. I think they year I might try to make one of these bread drinks.


Marta, who likes apples said...

I like your bread posts. I wish you would make it a regular feature!

Gee Em said...

Thanks Marta, I have often thought of it as well. Maybe I will do it as a NYE resolution, I am also planning some more "Polish Product" reviews on here. Stay tuned for it. :D

Marta, who likes apples said...

I will! It's always exciting to read what you think. It would be lovely to know your 10 top food products in Poland.

Gee Em said...

That is a very good challenge, and very difficult. I will have to think about it.... Thanks for the idea!

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