Tuesday, January 01, 2013

New Years blast

So it is a new year already, then again does it really matter. Life goes on, the world rotates, the sun rises and sets the same as before, as it has done for millions of years. So what can a new number bring us?

Of course, using the Gregorian Calendar, which is the most common we take this year to be 2013, of this, most of us focus on the later two numbers, 13.

13 is considered unlucky in many cultures. With the exception of Italy. Italians, except those in Campania, think that 13 is a lucky number.

I recently returned from a holiday in Rome, coincidence? I think not.

Also, traditionally to prove that bakers weren't cheating their customers, they created a thing called a baker's dozen, which is 13. One extra showing one was not ripping off their customers. I love to bake, and bake often. Coincidence, I think not.

So along with these undeniable facts, I propose this will be a great year. May it be for you all too.

To celebrate I made some pumpkin pasta sheets for a vegetarian lasagne (Italian food, another coincidence!)
Then, after finishing that, a gingerbread based apple tart, and a lovely bottle of New Zealand sparkling sauvignon blanc brut NV, we watched a couple of movies, including the excellent "Angels Share" which caused us to drink some single malt. We followed this by watching people burn their cash in the form of fireworks. An idea that I will never understand.

Happy, prosperous, and fantastic New Gregorian Year, people. I hope the hangovers are subsiding nicely.

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