Thursday, December 05, 2013

Best Colour photos of the year, 2013.

Every year I like together what I think are my best Colour (and Black and White in another post here) photographs. People then vote for their favourites and then a top ten list is compiled.

The task is pretty simple, just flick through the photos below and add a comment at the bottom to give your vote for which is your favourite or favourites (as you can, of course, like more than one) and then I tally them up and the winners announced in a glittering red carpet ceremony.  Or due to the fact I own no carpet, I will probably just put them on here, and am thinking I might make a calendar of the best photographs should I have time.....

For the last 4 years I had selected randomly a voter for a special prize, so I shall most likely do it again this year. So, have a look, let me know and maybe you could win too. So here they are and in no particular order.......
1. Two birds with one photograph. Warsaw, Poland.

2. Night lines. Warsaw, Poland
3. Bridging it. Connemara, Ireland

4. Erice the sky. Erice, Sicily.
5. We're on the road to nowhere. Connemara, Ireland
6. Cliff the conquerer. Erice, Sicily.
7. Green wash. Favignana, Sicily.
8. Couple o'local lads. Connemara, Ireland.
9. Chained Daisy. Inishmore, Ireland.
10. Lonley light. Burren, Ireland.
11. Battered and bluesed. Trapani, Sicily.
12. Local street fighter. Trapani, Sicily.
13. Net not gross. Trapani, Sicily.
14. A bugs life. Sokółka, Poland.
15. Mrs Joy Meadow. Sokółka, Poland.
16. Elderjellies. Warsaw, Poland.
17. Nice to Wheat you. Sokółka, Poland.
18. Old Master art. Warsaw, Poland.
19. Roasties with the mosties. Warsaw, Poland.
20. The museum of soft and hard. Wola, Warsaw, Poland.
21. Softening down. Barbarino, Tuscany, Italy.
22. Light hit. Warsaw, Poland.
23. Soft focus point. Warsaw, Poland.
24. Flutterby. Kabaty, Warsaw, Poland.
25. Spinning around. Politechnika, Warsaw, Poland.
26. Reflections of a Podlasian Vermeer. Sokółka, Poland.
27. Rondo Żaba. Sokółka, Poland.
28. The honeymaker. Kabaty, Warsaw, Poland.
29. Leaf among many. Ujazdów, Warsaw, Poland.
30. Bugs eye viewer. Sokółka, Poland.
 I hope you enjoyed seeing them as much as I enjoy showing them.     


Anonymous said...

3, 5-9, 15 and 23... Can't decide!

Al Williams said...

22 19 9 11, tried to narrow it down but that'll do. Was going to vote donkey but I did that with the black and white.

Al Williams said...

22 19 9 11, tried to narrow it down but that'll do. Was going to vote donkey but I did that with the black and white.

Gee Em said...

Thank you Mr. Williams it is nice tht you got out of bed in your holidays to vote.

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