Saturday, December 28, 2013

Photo Exhibition, Zachęta Art Gallery

Earlier in the year, we ducked into the Zachęta Gallery, which is the biggest and National Art Gallery. It has many different and rotating exhibitions. It also used to have a nightclub in the bottom floor! Alas, we weren't there for drinks and dancing.

Instead, we went to see a photo exhibition of what was called "Leisure time in the PRL".


That is right, free time in the PRL (Peoples republic of Poland), and I am a sucker for photography, I am an even bigger sucker for old photographs (therefore b&w), and an even bigger sucker for something that shows me how things were where I am living/have lived in the past. Therefore, for me, it was fantastic. It was also great listening to the older people in the crowd talk about how they remembered certain things that they saw. How, even though many consider it the "dark days" of Poland, they still got a glint in their eyes and a wrinkle in the corner of their mouths that often turned into a smile! Fantastic, I love old people that smile, far better than frowning.

Of course, the photos I took are mine, but they are also not mine at the same time. Confusing, no?

I still don't get it!

At the same time on another floor there was a whole exhibition about jesus/god/religion. It was to be honest, pretty darned spooky.

I just wanted to scream.


Now that is a big paiting.

I love you  too, brain.

As the light changed.
We headed into the sunshine.
Following the long shadows of the day.

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