Saturday, January 11, 2014

Product review - Chrupki

Product Review.


"What the heck is chrupki?" I hear everyone who is outside of Poland ask. Even when visitors come and try them, it is hard to explain. It is also hard to explain why they are crazily addictive.

So what do you get for 4.50złoty (1.65AUD, 1.48USD, 0.91GBP)? Well, a metre of these yellow morsals. These, are chrupki (pron. hroopkey).  Chrupki means crunchy, and could be used to other foodstuffs that display such a texture. But these are something that are very popular with children and so when as an adult you walk out of your local sklep and carry out a metre of these babies people look at you a little odd. Even stranger when you carry them into a party along with whatever it is you are drinking.
 Then in half an hour when everyone has eaten the packet you wish you had of brought two. You can see that this size is only 300g! And it comes up to my waist. They are basically puffed corn grits, and like corn chips you can't stop at one, even though it is like eating styrofoam at first.
Chrupki ratings:
Taste:                    3/10 as there really is none.
Appearance:         7/10 they look fun, for what they are
Addictiveness:     9/10 some how they hook you in.
Value for money:  10/10 you can't argue with the value here.

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