Monday, July 14, 2014

Koala Day

While in Adelaide, we were super lucky to get to visit the Adelaide Koala and Wildlife Hospital where they take injured animals in to care for them and should all go well, release them back into the wild. Rae Campbell started this project and it is purely run on donations of money or more hands on/logistical support. It really is a wonderful project and has many success stories.

This little fellow is hugging a stuffed bear as his mother was killed by dogs, so he is a little lonely at times.
The classic sleeping koala pose

Fractures are very common when a koala is hit by a car.

This tortoise had swallowed a fish hook as the X-ray reveals.

Old food stock
Holding on to Rae for dear life

They are indeed curious little fellows, even if they have poor eyesight.

I wonder if we should fingerprint them to make sure they haven't committed any crimes.

Fluffiest butts in the business.

Someone is happy to be there.

You can't hide someone's happiness here....

Koalas trying to be monkeys

Who needs a manicure?

Koala leather


You can't beat an Australian parrot for colour.
If you have the chance, please donate something to the cause - money, time, produce, anything you can. As they do some fantastic work. Voluntarily. Follow them on Facebook, here.


Dee said...

Fabulous pictures. I am lucky enough to volunteer at the hospital as well as rescue koalas and your pictures are beautiful reminders of why I do it.

Gee Em said...

Thanks Dee! It is a beautiful idea and facility and the volunteer that you and the others do is amazing and really something special, thank you from all of us who can't help physically. Keep up the great work!