Thursday, July 03, 2014

Adelaide Hills and about.

Another of my favourite things to do in Adelaide is head to the hills. It is always a few degrees cooler than down on the plains of the city, so in summer it can be a nice change. I have always enjoyed the hills as it feels like another world, full of small creeks and rivers, it always seems greener than the rest of Adelaide and of course there is a thriving artisan community there. With cheesemakers, coffee roasters, wineries, breweries and famous bakeries there is an endless supply of things for the eyes, the tongues and the stomachs of the world.

First stop was Johnston's of Oakbank. Once a brewery and now a winery and cordial producer.

Their cordial range.

Next stop a little further along the road was Woodside Cheese Wrights

Where they make some amazing cheeses, especially their soft cheeses.

Like the Monet a goats cheese covered in edible flowers, this is worth the drive alone.
It runs out of the old SA Farmers coop building.

Then a cruise down to Gumeracha (pronounced Gum-er-aka)
if you are great with geography you will be able to figure out where we went next.

Or does this help?

This won't

a little more of a hint

This is just a babe on a baby

Because this is where we were, the world's biggest Rocking horse!

They also have a wildlife sancturary there so many rescued animals are to be found in the grounds.

Then we went about face and back to the town of Hahndorf where we found a wonderful coffee roaster

Who took us through the process of roasting coffee. What a great smell! Southern Crema Espresso Bar at 76 Main St, Hahndorf.
So that was a brief hills tour.

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