Thursday, June 26, 2014

Museum of South Australia

Another favourite thing of mine to do in Adelaide is drink coffee, there are lots of great places to do that. But, sometimes you also need to make yourself earn it so we went to the South Australian Museum, a really fun place to go. Although some of the displays are exactly the same as when I was there about ten years ago, which is a little sad, maybe I just caught them in the loop of exhibits or maybe they just don't get enough funding to change things.... I'll never know I guess, but it is still a nice place to visit, in really pretty surrounds on North Terrace.

A flying turtle

There are many indigenous peoples displays

but my favourite is always the taxidermy area.

This map shows all the aboriginal tribal divisions within Australia.

To show you the diversity in just the SE of the country I zoomed in a little.

Great white shark teeth, they just keep on coming.

Excuse me? Can I have some cheese? Please.

Heck even Australian hand driers have animals using them!

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