Sunday, June 01, 2014

About Adders

Oh look how pretty life is from the air.

Especially when you have a polariser on the lens and you get this fun effect as you fly over the first piece of Australia....

Returning to Adelaide is always tough, after spending about 13 of the last 20 years away from the city I grew up in, you come back feeling oddly like a person who knows where everything is but a little lost at the same time. Friends move on, grow upwards, outwards and inwards. They grow families, lose families. Buy houses, businesses and can also lose them too. But the city itself always feels close to me. That said, I now feel like I am not part of it at all. Strange. A lot of time is reflecting, with family and friends if I get the time, although there are always many I miss out on seeing just because of time and logisitcs constraints.

One of the funniest things is that I do end up doing many of the same things as the last visit, the visit before and those that will come in the future as well. Like......

Visiting the central markets, one of my real loves in the world.

Even though I don't eat a lot of meat, eating well hung steaks from Barossa Fine Foods is a good way to make you feel totally Oz, and a little blokey.

We even got a summer storm.

Of course I spent plenty of time at Seacliff Beach.

I am loving how the sand dunes are replenishing so well.

And a beer or two at the Seacliff is normally in order. The local with the view.

Seems everyone was flying south....

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